Our Volunteer Board.

We are a group of passionate, friendly folks in Dubuque, Iowa, and we love to talk with each other. And you. But mostly, we are active listeners. Comments or questions, just send an email to any one of us.

John Eby – St. Raphael’s Cathedral and First Prebyterian Church of Dubuque, Professor of History at Loras College (john.eby@loras.edu)

Alan Garfield – Temple Beth El, Professor of Digital Art and Desgin at University of Dubuque (agarfield@dbq.edu)

Adib Kassas – Tri-State Islamic Center, Psychiatrist at Mercy Hospital (adibkassas@gmail.com)

Tania Khan - Tri-State Islamic Center (tania-99@live.com)

Roy Kosin – Asbury Community Church, Professor of Bible and Theology at Emmaus Bible College (rkosin@emmaus.edu)

Andrew Massena - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Loras College (Andrew.Massena@loras.edu)

Stacia McDermott – St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Director of the Peace and Justice Center at Loras College (anastacia.mcdermott@loras.edu)

Lydia Phelps – Loras College (lydphelps19@gmail.com)

Kate Scheinman - Temple Beth El, Senior Product Developer of The Total Book (katetotalbook@gmail.com)