Pictures from Past Events: 2022 - 2014

Pictures from our 10-27-22, exciting conversation at Temple Beth El. Subject: Do Things Happen for a Reason? The emcee was John Eby, with presenters Kate Cooper, Alan Garfield, Jackie Burnett, and Adib Kassas. 170 in attendance. Gracious hospitality and the best homemade cookies by Phyllis Garfield.

Pictures from our 02-20-20 conversation at the Tri States Islamic Center (the Mosque) in Dubuque. Hosted by Bonnie Sue Lewis, presenters were Kate Scheinman, Anderson Sainci, and Adib Kassas. All the seats were filled and the overflow was on the floor. Special guests this night included Prof Chuck Cohen (whose book we'll use for our Spring book group) from Madison and Rabbi Emeritus Henry Karp, Cantor Gail Karp, and Imam Qasim Siddiqui from Davenport. A lively event with warm hospitality.

Pictures from our 01-30-20 conversation at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Along with our conversation ('the community that you think you know), we had a musical demo and conversation with Peter and Sami from Shesh Besh. Presenters were: Hannah Eby, Taj Suleyman, Alan Garfield and Nathan Utt.

Pictures from our 10-17-19 conversation at Temple Beth El. This was a combination build the Sukkah, service in the Sukkah, dinner in the social hall and conversation. About 90 came for the Sukkah and dinner; 147 were in the Sanctuary for the conversation. Wow. This was a festival of hospitality - CoA folks brought a dish to share in addition to the food prepared by Phyllis Garfield, Ellie Landau and Fern Reinstein. We're not used to seeing our little congregation so packed. Thank you presenters Tauseef Khan, Kerry Brown, Christina Edwards and Kate Scheinman. Topic: Food in your tradition. Participation from a Muslim, Christian/Protestant, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Jewish perspective.

Pictures from our 9-19-19 conversation at Loras College. Presenters were Stacia McDermott, Adib Kassas and Alan Garfield. Topic: Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good - How does your faith inform your life? Stories from Catholic, Muslim and Jewish perspectives.

Pictures from our 03-21-19 conversation at the University of Dubuque. Our topic was two-fold: Memorial for the Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque Shootings on Friday, March 15, 2019 and On Death and Dying. Presenters were Mrs. Tania Khan, Dr. Adib Kassas, Dr. Rami al-Tibi, Prof Alan Garfield, Rev Ed Moreano, Mr. Jody Dernin and Prof John Eby. Over 275 persons over-filled the Mosque.

Pictures from our 02-21-19 conversation at the University of Dubuque. Our topic: The Arts. One of our few conversations with pictures (maybe that's why all the cookies, tea and coffee disappeared so quickly). Presenters were: Kate Scheinman (Emcee), Sr. Toni Harris (Sinsinawa), Prof Taj Suleyman (Tri-State Islamic Center), and Prof Alan Garfield (Temple Beth El).

Pictures from our 1-31-19 conversation at St. Anthong's Church. Could it have been colder and more unforgiving? Get it - unforgiving - that was the topic of the night (well, ok, to be accurate it was "forgiveness"). We had a fabulous discussion. Presentations were from Charles Layton (St. Luke's Methodist), Tauseef Khan (Tri-State Islamic Center), and Alan Garfield (Temple Beth El).

Pictures from our 11-15-18 conversation at Loras College. Could the topic have been more topical? Evil. Presentations were from Ken Halstead (Lutheran), Tauseef Khan (Muslim from Tri-State Islamic Center), and Alan Garfield (Jewish from Temple Beth El).

Pictures from our 10-18-18 conversation at the annex of the Multicultural Family Center. Presentations were from Ellie Landau (Temple Beth El), Adib Kassas (Tri-State Islamic Center), Sr. Christin Tomy (Sinsinawa Sisters) and Julia Theisen (Yoga) The topic: Prayer, Body and Soul.

Pictures from our 9-27-18 conversation at Temple Beth El. Sukkot Celebration with the Children of Abraham, 9-27-18. 5pm Build the Sukkah. 6pm Sukkah Service. 6:15pm Dinner in Social Hall. 7-8:15pm Children of Abraham conversation "seeking truth".

Pictures from our 03-22-18 conversation at the University of Dubuque. Hosted by Prof Bonnie Sue Lewis with presentations by Dr. Tauseef Kahn, Rev. Lilian Daniel and Prof Alan Garfield. Great conversation after the presentations between the audience and the panelists as well as between the panelists themselves.

Pictures from our 02-22-18 Scripture conversation at Emmaus Bible College. Hosted by Ben Brown with presentations by Professor and Alan Garfield. Warm, beautiful hospitality.

Pictures from our 10-12-17 Sukkot celebration, dinner and Jewish Scripture Study. Everyone came together at 5pm to build the Sukkah. There was a short service and then we went to the Temple Beth El Social Hall where Phyllis Garfield had prepared a meal for 40 (there were over 70). Then from 7-8:15pm the Scripture Study was from Ecclesiastes (Kohelet in Hebrew) - the traditional reading for Sukkot. Kate Scheinman, Becca Gottlieb and Alan Garfield interpreted Chapters 1 and 3 from a Jewish tradition, Rev. Stephanie Schlimm interpreted from a Christian standpoint (Epworth United Methodist Church) and Dr. Tauseef Khan related the piece to Islam and the Koran. About 150 people food left. A great time.

Pictures from our 09-14-17 beginning-of-the-year event. On the microphone were: Alan Garfield (Jewish), Adib Kassas (Muslim), and Fr. Dustin Lyon (Greek Orthodox) giving perspectives on the essences of their religions. In addition, a bibliography of further reading was distributed. Not many pics; but a great time at Loras College.

Pictures from our 04-20-17 event. Craig Nessan, Dean at Wartburg Seminary, moderated this scripture study. Led by Adib Kassas with Surah 24 Alnur, the respondants were Ben Brown from a Christian perspective and Alan Garfield from a Jewish perspective. Our last conversation of the season indeed a lively discussion.

Pictures from our 03-23-17 event. John Eby moderated (and contributed) as our three original members of the Children of Abraham, Bonnie Sue Lewis from Westminster Presbyterean Church, Adib Kassas from Tri-State Islamic Center, and Alan Garfield from Temple Beth El, talked about the impact of interfaith on them and their lives. This was definitely NOT a session to have missed. There were over 150 who packed Hadley Auditorium at the University of Dubuque (with others sitting on the stairs and aisles).

Pictures from our 02-15-17 event. Meryem Oahbi moderated our three speakers, Adrian Letz, Tauseef Khan and Kate Scheinman. The topic was Life Ethic and each speaker focused on a different issue in that broad subject. The crowd was over 100 persons and it was an amazing night.

Pictures from our 10-20-16 event. At our Board Meeting, we decided to hold off on our Festival Hospitality celebration this year. But since Sukkot fell on our scheduled conversation time and the conversation was about Ecology and Faith, it was a natural to do all three events: Sukkot Celebration, Dinner and Ecology and Faith conversation. We had c. 100 persons. Our chefs were Phyllis Garfield, Fern Reinstein and Cindy Pearce, from Temple Beth El. Our participants were Kate Scheinman from Temple Beth El (Jewish), Eric Anglada from Sinsinawa Mounds (Catholic), and Adib Kassas (Muslim), hosted by Alan Garfield from Temple Beth El. It was a fabulous night, 3-in-1. It is hard, in words, to describe the positive, life-affirming feeling in the sanctuary that night. Maybe the pics can help show that feeling.

Pictures from our 4-10-16 Festivals series. This occurred on Sunday, at 7pm. In attendance for this special Greek Pan-Orthodox Vespers Service were Fr. Peter Andronache, Fr. Fred Shaheen, Fr. Germogen Tucker, Fr. Ignatius Valentine and Fr. Dustin Lyon.

Pictures from our 2-18-16 conversation at the Tri-State Islamic Center. Speaking were Tauseef Khan, Sammy Eckrich and Phyllis Garfield. Great evening. The topic was - Coming of Age: How We Transition for Child to Adult in Catholicism, Judaism and Islam.

Pictures from our 1-31-16 special celebration at Sinsinawa Mounds, thanks to the hospitality and generosity of the Dominican Sisters, on Sunday at 3pm. Huge event on a warm and brilliant Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Fr. Dustin Lyon for organizing this joint chant and fellowship together.

Pictures from our 1-28-16 event on Torah study at Clarke University. The subject was Shabbat.

Pictures from our 12-1 and 12-3 2015 event. Jerusalem 3D Film at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. Sponsored by the Wendt Center for Character Initiative at the University of Dubuque, DACU (Dubuque Area Congregations United) and the Kucera Center for Catholic Studies at Loras College. Both shows were SRO, with 130 per night.

Pictures from our 11-19-15 conversation. The topic was the Purpose of Life and we heard from Dalia abdul Rahim, Sr. Pat Conlon, Jonas Meyer, Alan Garfield and Chaminda Prelis. The Temple was packed. Our usual number of 50-70 people grew to over 180. It was standing room only. Thanks to Phyllis Garfield and Cindy Pearce for organizing the food for everyone. It was a very long night, the last folks leaving around 11pm.

Pictures from our 10-24-15 event. Festival Hospitality. Tri-State Islamic Center. 10th of Muharram. This was an offering of hospitality to the Muslim community recognizing the Israelite’s freedom from Pharaoh. We had fellowship, prayers, and a feast. We gathered at 6:00 p.m. and break-the-fast started at 6:30pm.

Pictures from our 10-15-15 Conversation. Wartburg Seminary. Focus was on a scripture in the Qur'an. Thanks, Sami, for the great photos and thanks, Craig, for the hospitality.

Pictures from our 9-29-15 event. Festival Hospitality. Sukkot at Temple Beth El. Building, decorating, praying at the Sukkah and then eating at Temple Beth El. Thanks to Phyllis Garfield and Fern Reinstein for organizing the meal. About 75 in attendance.

Pictures from our 9-27-15 event. Needless Victims: Against Gun Violence March and Rally at University of Dubuque with Alan Garfield, David Cochran, Matt Zanger and Jeremy Brigham with c.100 in attendance.

Pictures from our 4-16-15 event: The Afterlife in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism with Alan Garfield, Fr. Dustin Lyons, Lori Murphy, Chaminda Prelis and Ali Samoo with c.115 in attendance.

Pictures from our 3-9-15 event: After Paris and Chapel Hill: A Neighborly Stand Against Religious Prejudice at UD with just over 200 in attendance.

Pictures from our 11-20-14 event: Noah from 3 Traditions at Clarke University in the Chapel. 125 in attendance.

Pictures from our 11-13-14 Carrie Newcomber Event: An Evening with Singer, Songwriter, Spiritualist Carrie Newcomer at University of Dubuque, Hadley Auditorium. 60 in attendance.

Pictures from our 11-01-14 Festival Hospitality Event: 10th of Muharram festival at the Tri State Islamic Center.


Pictures from our 10-23-14 Scripture Study: Genesis 18. "The Power of Hospitality". Temple Beth El. (enthusiasic 75 people).
Alan Garfield, Breann ? and Adib Kassas.


Pictures from our 10-8-14 Festival Hospitality event: Celebrate and Build a Sukkah at Temple Beth El.