Videos, a disclaimer.

While we'd love to record, edit and present our conversations and activities on a regular basis and in a professional manner, we are just a handful of folks trying to have meaningful interfaith exchanges. And then we had the idea, why not record some of these conversations? So here they are, some but not all. We know the audio is poor and the camera work could easily be better. (We are always looking for volunteers.) We are grateful to our speakers and participants. If you have any issue with a video, please contact me (the webeditor) stating the problem. We will work quickly to address the issue. It is our hope that in this case, something is better than nothing.

November 2015. Temple Beth El. The Purpose of Life.

October 2015. Wartburg Seminary. Qur'an Scripture Study.

September 2015. Loras College. Angels, Demons, and Jinn.

April 2015. Wartburg Seminary. The Afterlife.